Edwards, Knox and Associated Families

This data is derived from 40+ years of research - which continues daily - into the family lines of myself, my husband, cousins - both close and some not so close, and friends. I have ALWAYS researched the siblings of or direct ancestors, so there are many more surnames than our main direct lines. My database and site are also always "works in progress" as more data is added and corrections are made. My area of coverage is most of the United States, the British Isles and Germany in the 1700s.
The information comes from many sources, starting with family interviews. I was fortunate to have both my grandmothers live to be 89 and almost 97, with sharp memories! The Internet is a wonderful resource, more and more so, but it represents the tip of a big iceberg, the part that sticks out of the water. The large area underneath the water is courthouses, libraries, archives, special collections at universities, museums and cemeteries, all of which I've used many times over the years.
Living people are represented by their name and (Private). Many people who do not have a death date are also among the "living". "Unknown" is being entered for those born before 1915, as time permits. Duplication of vitals: births, marriages and deaths occurred when we moved my data from one software program to another in order to create this site. The notes also duplicated and were shown ---MERGED NOTE---. I hope I finally have all the duplicated notes removed--if you find one, please let me know. The duplicate vitals will eventually also be removed, just more slowly!
My ancestors have all been in America since before the Revolutionary War and are almost totally from colonial Virginia. The earliest known are John CLAY, who came from England in 1613 and Joseph ROYALL, who arrived by 1624. The ARCHDEACON/CODY family came from County Kilkenny to Amelia county about 1730. Thomas GREEN was from New Kent county, VA and from there to Amelia/Prince Edward, where he met his wife, Lucy DAVIS, daughter of Peter and Catherine (PRIEST) COX DAVIS. My TERRY line is in Virginia by the late 1600s. All my VA families are in by the mid-1700s leaving "footprints" in tax, land and other records. My earliest EDWARDS, Frederick, is a "brick wall". He was English, but is in VA without a family, by 1763. He may have come with the 80th British Army Regiment to VA during the French and Indian War and stayed, married Mary MONTGOMERY, from an Irish family, though born in PA. Frederick moved from Montgomery county, up the Wilderness Road in 1784 with his wife, his then five children, his household items, and also escorting the Negro slaves of William Christian, brother-in-law of Patrick Henry. The home Frederick built in Jefferson co KY from 1788-1790 is still a residence. My RUDY family made the move from York county, PA to Jefferson co KY by flatboat down the Ohio River, in December of 1795. The first house that George RUDY purchased was built by Richard TAYLOR, father of President Zachary TAYLOR, in 1792.
My husband's lines on his mother's side are relative "late comers". Irish families who arrived between 1832 and 1869, started in MA,MD, PA but all ended up in Iowa, mostly farmers, where many descendants have stayed but like all families have spread all over. He has Scots ancestry on his paternal grandmother's side - Agnes was born in Kilsyth, Stirloingsire as was her father, Thomas WILSON, a coal miner, whose family was from northern Ireland. Thomas and an extended family, the men all miners, came to Lonaconing MD about 1870. Some descendants are still in PA, others spread across the U.S. James KNOX, also a "brick wall", great-great- grandfather of my husband, was born in1792, allegedly in Fayette co PA - not provable - though much research has been done in SW PA. No parents or siblings have been found. He owned a grist mill in what is now Marshall co WV and his many descendants have spread from there, mostly to Illinois, Oregon, Washington and Montana. His father-in-law, William ROBINSON, came as a 14 year old Irish orphan, with his brother, age 12, to Philadelphia in 1774.
I hope my site helps "cousins" of all degrees of kinship, fill in a "blank" or get over a "brick wall". I consider "family" to be people on the same tree, no matter how far apart their branches are!
Please feel free to contact me with additional information or corrections.


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